Question: Why is proper hive placement so important?

Ideally the hive will be placed in a location that is protected from harsh winds billowing into the hive entrances during the winter. Any obstruction blocking wind from the hive is good for temperature regulation, and can prevent hives from tipping in heavy storms.

Why is proper hive placement important?

The ideal hive location has easy access (so you can tend to your hives), good drainage (so the bees dont get wet), a nearby water source for the bees, dappled sunlight, and minimal wind. Position your hive so that its easily accessible come honey harvest time.

What is the most important part of the hive?

The queen is the most important bee in the hive. She is the only fertile female within the hive. She is easy to spot as she is about twice the size of the worker bees. Her primary job is to produce and lay eggs.

Which bee is the least important in a hive?

The male Drone Bees are more or less the least important when it comes to Hive social structures. Although without them there would be no fertilisation. Your more likely to see a male Drone bee in the summer around the Hive. Unlike the female workers they do not collect pollen & nectar.

Can a bee hive have more than one queen?

When workers make a new queen, they often make more than one. This gives them the best chance at raising a strong, viable queen. However, there can (typically) only be one queen bee in a hive, so when the new queens hatch they must kill their competitors. If two queens hatch at once, they must fight to the death.

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