Question: What motorcycle is in Days Gone?

The Drifter Bike is the custom motorcycle of Deacon St. John. It is the primary mode of transportation as well as a mobile arsenal in Days Gone.

What model is Deacons bike?

drifter-scrambler custom bike Well, they actually made a real-life bike based on the one Deacon has. They are doing a give away of it in Spain. Its a drifter-scrambler custom bike based on what the devs have said.

Are drifter bikes real?

The Drifter Bike appears to be a completely custom design, having the body of a chopper or bobber style bike, but with the suspension and tires of a dirt bike.

Can you store fuel Days Gone?

Heros bike in Days Gone has a limited amount of fuel. When you are lacking of it, you need to leave it and search for gas tanks or simply order a bike transportation service at the mechanic in the camp. However, the game allows you to save fuel - however, it doesnt work with the laws of mechanics or any logic...

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