Question: What is Pucci power?

Memory and Spirit manipulation: Whitesnakes primary ability is to transform either a persons memories or their Stand (spirit) into humanly tangible Stand Discs. These Discs may be inserted into other people, allowing them to either read memories or use Stands stored there.

What is Pucci Stand ability?

Whitesnake is Puccis basic Stand, with which he may steal up to two DISCs from individuals, one DISC contains the Stand of the target while the other DISC contains the targets memories.

What is Whitesnakes ability?

Disc Creation Whitesnakes primary ability is to manipulate spirits through the use of special DISCS. Whitesnake can first and foremost extract a portion or the entirety of a persons psyche out of their bodies in the form of tangible DISCS and then put them into people.

What can Pucci do?

Enrico Pucci is the main antagonist of JoJos Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. He wishes to accomplish a prophecy that will create heaven, and achieve the ultimate happiness by Dio. Pucci wields three Stands throughout the story, those being White Snake, C-Moon, and Made in Heaven.

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