Question: Did Bakugo inherit one for all?

During the scene when Izuku transfers his quirk to Bakugo, the two simply touch hands and One For All appears to be passed on to him instantly. However, it is not so easily explained how Bakugo is able to inherit One For All without first swallowing some of Izukus DNA.

Does Bakugo keep one for all?

It might seem like Bakugo now wields One For All and will take Midoriyas place as the future Symbol of Peace. As Midoriya passes out in All Mights arms, One For All returns to Midoriya and leaves Bakugo. Now, Bakugo didnt surrender One For All. The quirk chose to return to Midoriya.

Does DEKU lose one for all forever?

Midoriya, much like All Might, uses the last flames of One For All for an extended period until he exhausts the Quirks power, leaving himself, once more, Quirkless. At this moment, it seems that all is lost for Midoriya.

Did Midoriya pass one for all to Bakugo?

Deku had accepted his fate without One For All, but in another surprise twist, the power of One For All miraculously didnt pass on to Bakugo at all. In that brief moment, it Deku and Bakugo were able to share the power thanks to the guardianship of the past vestiges.

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