Question: Why Fredo was killed?

Michael had no choice but to kill his brother The second time Fredo betrays Michael, its intentional, and thats unforgivable. In The Godfather Part II, the gangster Hyman Roth (Lee Strasberg) wants to both avenge Greenes murder and take over the Corleone familys empire.

Why did Frankie Pentangeli kill himself?

4 Answers. To avoid retribution for his betrayal of the Corleone family falling on Frankies children & family.

Who really tried to kill Michael Corleone?

Roth The Godfather Part II Roth secretly plans to assassinate Michael, partly to avenge Moe Greenes murder (as depicted in The Godfather). Roth instructs Ola to befriend Michaels brother Fredo, who provides Ola (and Roth) information about Michael that enables them to make an attempt on his life.

Who shot the Godfather?

Virgil Sollozzo Nine years later, at the marriage of his daughter Connie, Vito sends Luca Brasi to rescue Aldo after his mother Serafina expresses worry about him, due to his running with a gang. Soon after Lucas death, Vito is shot by Virgil Sollozzos hitmen and is taken to the hospital by Fredo and Aldo.

How many times was Vito Corleone shot?

Vito runs for his Cadillac, but is shot five times.

Who killed Fat Clemenza?

It is explained that, by the time of the film, Clemenza has died under suspicious circumstances; when Fredo mentions that Clemenza died of a heart attack, Corleone hitman Willi Cicci scoffs, That was no heart attack, implying that Clemenza may have been murdered.

Who killed Moe Greene?

In the novel, Greene is murdered shortly afterward by Al Neri. At the end of the film, Michael has Greene killed as part of his slaughter of the Corleone familys enemies.

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