Question: What Flavour are turquoise HEETS?

A smooth menthol flavour, with a refreshing and cooling sensation. As youll notice when opening the packet, HEETS Turquoise tobacco sticks are a lot smaller than conventional cigarettes and are designed for use exclusively with the IQOS system.

What is heets turquoise?

A refreshing menthol product with subtle zesty notes. HEETSTM are designed to be used exclusively with IQOS device and are manufactured with specially selected blends.

Whats the difference between turquoise and blue heets?

Blue HEETS™ : A deep menthol flavour, giving an intense cooling sensation. Turquoise HEETS™ : A smooth menthol blend. Yellow HEETS™ : A smooth and finely balanced tobacco blend. Green HEETS™ : A lightly toasted tobacco blend providing a balanced menthol cooling sensation enriched by green minty aroma notes.

What are blue heets?

Blue Selection HEETS offer a mellow tobacco blend providing a deep menthol cooling sensation and peppermint aroma notes. Each pack of Blue Selection HEETS contain 20 HEETS. This box contains 10 packs (200 HEETS). Get the best tobacco taste from your HEETS by regularly cleaning your IQOS device after each pack of HEETS.

What flavour is green heets?

Discover HEETS Green. Situated between the intensities of HEETS Turquoise and HEETS Blue, the new HEETS Green Selection has a flavour of lightly toasted tobacco, providing a balanced menthol cooling sensation. The addition of these flavours could help menthol smokers to move away from cigarettes.

What flavour is the purple heets?

menthol Rich and satisfying. Purple Wave delivers crisp menthol cooling sensations colliding with indulgent dark forest fruit aromas.

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