Question: Can I live with phimosis?

Most cases of phimosis resolve before adolescence, but its possible for the condition to last into adulthood. Although there arent any serious health complications related to phimosis, its associated with conditions that can cause soreness, swelling, and difficulty urinating.

What happens if you dont treat phimosis?

If you have phimosis, you are more likely to get penile cancer. If left untreated, it can lead to increased swelling, and in extreme cases, gangrene, and eventually the loss of your penis.

Can I ignore phimosis?

Phimosis should not be ignored if it is bothersome. Over time, the ring can become tighter and more difficult to treat.

Does phimosis cause death?

In some cases, a small slit may need to be made in the foreskin to relieve the pressure. In severe cases, circumcision may be recommended. In rare and very severe cases, a lack of blood flow to the penis can cause the tissue to die.

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