Question: Where can I see tanuki in Tokyo?

Chingodo is a small Shinto shrine on Denboin Street which is unusual in that it is dedicated to a furry little animal called the “tanuki”.

Where can you find tanuki?

Where to see them: Tanuki live all over Japan, sometimes even in urban areas. There are even rare white Tanuki in Miyajima which you may see scuttling around. If you dont spot a real tanuki, you will most certainly notice their statues everywhere you go in Japan!

Are there tigers in Tokyo?

Tigers are not native to Japan, however, artists from the Kano school were commissioned by the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu to depict these magnificent creatures (along with leopards) to adorn the walls in Nijo Castle in Kyoto (the location of Japans Capital at the time).

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