Question: Why did Mike leave My Three Sons?

The Scoop Behind Why Mike Moved Away After a few seasons on My Three Sons, he wanted to spread his wings and direct as well as act, but producer Don Fedderson dismissed him. The two had a serious falling-out and Tim left the show, which meant the writers had to marry his character off and have him move away.

When did Don Grady leave My Three Sons?

1971 During the 1968-69 season, Gradys character and his wife Katie (Tina Cole) had triplets. He departed the series in 1971 at the end of the 11th season when Robbie, now a structural engineer, moved to Peru to work on a bridge construction.

What happened on the last episode of My Three Sons?

April 13, 1972 My Three Sons/Final episode date My Three Sons spanned TV generations, and on April 13, 1972, its final episode aired. The final episode was called “Whatever Happened to Ernie?” It finds Steve Douglas called upon by his boss to help sort out his son Gordon.

What happened to Bub and Mike on My Three Sons?

11. Several characters disappeared with little explanation. Bub, the grandfather, goes to visit his mother in Ireland. Mike, the elder brother, is said to have moved east. Robbie goes to work on a bridge construction in Peru and vanishes in the twelfth season, leaving his young bride and three children with dad.

How did Ernie Join My 3 Sons?

The two boys go off on an adventure to find a treasure chest. Stanley Livingstons real-life brother, Barry Livingston, joins the cast as Ernie, a foster child living with a family down the street. The two boys go off on an adventure to find a treasure chest.

Where is Lillian Lamont buried?

Actress. She was a theater performer when she entered films in the silent era appearing in Vanity Fair (1921) and The Gold Rush (1925)....Lillian Lamont.Original NameWehmhoenerBurialForest Lawn Memorial Park Glendale, Los Angeles County, California, USAPlotGreat Mausoleum, Iris Columbarium N-282013 more rows

Was Fred MacMurray a nice man?

Despite being typecast as a nice guy, MacMurray often said his best roles were when he was cast against type, such as under the direction of Billy Wilder and Edward Dmytryk.

What happened Lillian Lamont?

Died. Lillian Lamont MacMurray, 45, wife of Cinemactor Fred MacMurray, 44, (Double Indemnity); of a heart ailment; in Santa Monica, Calif. Died.

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