Question: Who does Torres play for now?

Is Fernando Torres still playing soccer?

He has also made a huge impression on Liverpool fans during his time there, and to a lesser degree in the blue of Chelsea. After his retirement, Torres began to prepare himself to continue playing football and, in recent months, he has been part of the rojiblanco academy.

Is Fernando Torres still playing for Spain national team?

On 21 June 2019, Torres announced that he would retire from football. He made his farewell in a J1 League match against Vissel Kobe on 23 August 2019, when he faced former Spain teammates Andrés Iniesta and David Villa.

Where does Ferran Torres play?

Manchester City F.C.#21 / Forward Spain national football team#11 / ForwardSpain national under-21 football teamForward Ferran Torres/Current teams

Is Fernando Torres a Chelsea legend?

They are two of the best midfielders in English and Premier League history. They are legends to Liverpool and Chelsea, and also in the national team in England. I was very lucky to play with both of them and they have to be in the team.

How many goals did Torres score for Chelsea?

Premier League Playing CareerClubApps (Subs)GoalsChelsea36 (8)8Other CompetitionsFA Cup10 (3)4Chelsea32 (12)630 more rows

Why did Torres flop at Chelsea?

During his time at Stamford Bridge, he only scored 45 goals in 172 matches and in an interview with TalkSport, Fernando Torres was very honest about why his form fell apart at Chelsea. “Maybe its my fault, not being able to adapt quicker. The only problem I had at Chelsea was not being consistent with my performances.

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