Question: What is another word for feeling uncomfortable?

Whats another word for feeling uncomfortable?

In this page you can discover 90 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for uncomfortable, like: hurt, restless, strained, annoying, suffering, weary, fatigued, prickly, hard, agonizing and awkward.

How do you describe being uncomfortable?

uneasy Add to list Share. Uneasy describes an uncomfortable feeling. Uneasy can also describe causing someone to feel anxious or nervous.

What is it called when everything makes you uncomfortable?

What is malaise? Malaise is described as any of the following: a feeling of overall weakness. a feeling of discomfort. a feeling like you have an illness.

Why do I feel like being touched?

Pau has something called mirror-touch synesthesia, which is a brain condition that seems to amplify peoples sensation of touch so much they can essentially physically feel what others feel.

How do you know if someone feels uncomfortable around you?

When someone feels uncomfortable, and a sense of fight-or-flight kicks in, they may start gesturing wildly. And they might even start talking faster. They will feel their heartbeat and breath quicken, Henderson says.

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