Question: What are the Fortnite characters?

Who are all the Fortnite characters?

This list shows where all of the Fortnite characters can be discovered:01) Baba Yaga - South west of Sludgy Swamp.02) Fabio Sparklemane - Apres Ski (south west of Misty Meadows)03) Dark Jonesy - West side of Steamy Stacks.04) Kor - East side of Misty Meadows.05) Dusk - Primal Pond (west of Lazy Lake) •Sep 22, 2021

Who is the main character in Fortnite?

The world of Fortnite is the main character: Donald Mustard explains storyline for Chapter 2 Season 6. The release of Fortnite Season 6 has created much hype and anticipation about its ever-expanding universe.

Who is the strongest person in Fortnite?

Kratos is perhaps the strongest character in Fortnite. The God of War protagonist has muscles on muscles and is definitely one of the most buff characters. The Chapter 2 Season 5 addition has been a fan-favorite too.

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