Question: How do I install DLC on Iki Island?

How do you get the Iki Island DLC?

After you reach Chapter 2 or beyond, go to Toyotama and then open your journal using the Options button on the controller. Choose “Tales of Iki,” and follow the first mission, “The journey to the past.” This will lead you to Iki Island, where the new storyline begins.

How do you get the ghost of Tsushima on Iki Island?

When does Iki Island unlock?Select the Journal tab from the Pause menu.Youll be notified that Tales of Iki are now available.Select Tales of Iki and then track the tale Journey Into the Past.Follow the guiding wind to begin the journey to Iki Island.Aug 22, 2021

Does Iki Island take place after ghost of Tsushima?

Iki Island Is Difficult in Ghost of Tsushima Although, its recommended to come to Iki Island after completing the main game. This is more so from a story perspective. Players will have a better appreciation of Jin and all the supporting cast up to this point.

Will Ghost of Tsushima have PS5 upgrade?

How do I upgrade Ghost of Tsushima on PS5? There is no free upgrade path for Ghost of Tsushima on PS5, which is a shame for existing owners. However, if you are in possession of a digital or physical copy of the game the situation is still far cheaper than paying for a fresh version.

How do I get ghost of Tsushima PS5 upgrade?

How to Upgrade to Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut on PS5. Theres only one way that you can upgrade to the PS5 version of Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut, and thats through the PS5 store. If you own a regular copy of the game on PS4, youll be able to purchase the upgrade for $29.99, starting on August 20th.

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