Question: Do you say football in French?

How do the French write football?

French translation of football1. (= ball) ballon m (de football) Paul threw the football over the fence. Paul a envoyé le ballon par dessus la clôture.2. (= sport) (Britain) football m. I like playing football. Jaime jouer au football.3. (= American football) (US) football m américain.

What do the French call American football?

Soccer is football in French. And we use Football américain for American football.

Is le football masculine or feminine in French?

Le is used for masculine nouns, La is used for feminine nouns, Les is used for plural nouns (both masculine or feminine), and L is used when the noun begins with a vowel or silent h (both masculine or feminine).

Do you know how do you play football in French?

Do you play football? On va te la retrouver.

What do people in France call soccer?

le football In French, le football means soccer in English, and le foot translates as football.

What is French for reading?

French Translation. lis. More French words for read. la lecture noun. reading, playback, interpretation, perusal.

How do you say play cricket in French?

I play cricket. Je joue au cricket.

How do you say Ping Pong in French?

ping-pong; tennis de table.

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