Question: When was Pirlo born?

How old is Pirlo footballer?

42 years (May 19, 1979) Andrea Pirlo/Age

Where was Pirlo born?

Flero, Italy Andrea Pirlo/Place of birth Pirlo was born in Flero, Italy, in the province of Brescia. He began his career with the Flero youth team, later moving to Voluntas, and subsequently joined the youth sector of local club Brescia in 1994, where he initially played predominantly as a supporting forward.

Is Andrea Pirlo Romani?

Great stars of modern football as the Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Italian Andrea Pirlo come from Roma ethnics. Rafael Van Der Vart comes from the same ethnic group Pirlo but the Dutch branch and Portuguese Quaresma comes from the ethnic Caló. Czech Milan Baros also comes from a gypsy.

What height is Pirlo?

1.77 m Andrea Pirlo/Height

Did Pirlo play with Ronaldo?

Speaking after the game, Pirlo was asked about Cristiano Ronaldos surprise omission. In this regard, Pirlo said: “It was a shared decision, Ronaldo was tired after Wednesdays game, so I decided to start Morata, another great player. Ronaldo was available, I have a deep squad, and I can pick many different players.”

How tall is Cannavaro?

1.75 m Fabio Cannavaro/Height For Fabio Cannavaro, this legendary status was hard earned. At just 5 foot 9 inches tall, he wasnt built to be the worlds greatest center back.

Why did Ronaldo bench?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Juventus boss says he decided to use Portuguese star from the bench on Sunday. Italian media reports said that Ronaldo had asked to be on the bench for Juves Serie A season opener in Udine, potentially in order to preserve his fitness as he looks to secure a move away from the club.

Who is Juventus boss?

Massimiliano Allegri Juventus F.C./Managers Allegri, 53, returns as Juve coach two years after being replaced despite winning a fifth consecutive league title, paying for the clubs failure in the Champions League they last won in 1996.

How tall is Bonucci?

1.9 m Leonardo Bonucci/Height

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