Question: Who is Kayano sister?

History. Akari Yukimura is the younger sister of Aguri Yukimura, who before joining Kunugigaoka, was a famed prodigal actress who went by the stage name of Haruna Mase.

Who is Kaede sister assassination?

Aguri Yukimura Aguri Yukimura is the deceased love interest of Koro-sensei in the anime and manga series Assassination Classroom. Aguri was the teacher of Class 3-E and the older sister of Akari Yukimura, better known as Kaede Kayano.

What is Koro Senseis biggest weakness?

Immediately Korosensei senses Kayanos subconscious fading as her tentacles start to dominate, and asks the class to find a way to calm Kayanos bloodlust before she dies. Korosensei intentionally reveals his main weak point - his heart behind his crescent moon tie - and Kayano strikes.

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