Question: Does Ramuda smoke?

So anyways, Ramuda is a baby daily-picture-of-ramuda answered: Yea! Then he smokes after calling Ichiro, so work-related thing again. He then smokes again after Ichijiku called him.

Does Ramuda have clones?

Ramuda is one of several clones who are heavily implied have been created by Rei and housed in a laboratory in an undisclosed part of Tokyo (TDD 12). The clones are grown from blobby, fetus-like lumps of flesh into full-fledged adults in giant test tubes in a way reminiscent of Metwo from the Pokemon movies (TDD 12).

How tall is Jakurai Jinguji?

195 cm Jakurai JingujiAge35ZodiacCapricornHeight195 cm (64)Weight69 kg13 more rows

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