Question: What angle do you need to score sourdough?

Hold your blade at a 45° angle. You can do a single slash on a boule or a batard. If you do a batard, make sure youre scoring it lengthwise.

How do you score a sourdough angle?

To score using a straight blade, hold the blade lightly in the hand and at a 90-degree angle (perpendicular) to the dough. If doing few cuts, score slightly deeper than a curved blade and after doing so youll notice the dough relax open and outward.

What happens if you forgot sourdough score?

By scoring your loaf, you create weak points that allow your bread to expand more easily. If you dont score your loaf, it will still expand, but in a jagged pattern.

What happens if I dont score my sourdough bread?

Without a deep score, the gases would become trapped and would eventually “self-score”, or burst open unpredictably. By scoring the loaf before it goes in the oven, you take control of the final appearance of the bread. Some bakers keep their scores simple, often using just a single slash to create an ear.

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