Question: Who is a true Brahmin?

A TRUE Brahmin is one who has acquired brahminhood not by birth but through his noble actions. He who has gained Supreme Self-knowledge is a Brahmin. Vedas and Epics proclaim that there is no caste differentiation in the Brahminic State.

Who is Brahman according to Vedas?

In Hinduism, Brahman (Sanskrit: ब्रह्म) connotes the highest universal principle, the ultimate reality in the universe. Brahman is a key concept found in the Vedas, and it is extensively discussed in the early Upanishads. The Vedas conceptualize Brahman as the Cosmic Principle.

Who are known as Brahmins?

Brahmin is one of the part of four varnas in Hinduism. Brahmins are the highest and most respected among people. In ancient India people who read the complete Upanishad Brahmanak were called Brahmins. They were teachers, warriors, doctors, scholars, or religious people in the past.

What is caste of Lord Shiva?

Patna: A Bihar minister has claimed that Lord Shiva, also known as Mahadev (the greatest among gods), belonged to the socially and educationally backward Bind caste. Brij Kishor Bind left people bemused with his comments at an event in Patna on Tuesday to felicitate the newly-appointed governor.

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