Question: How is life after cystectomy?

Results: Regardless of type of urinary diversion the majority of patients reported good overall quality of life, little emotional distress and few problems with social, physical or functional activities. Problems with urinary diversion and sexual functioning were identified as most common.Results: Regardless of type of urinary diversion

What should I do after cystectomy?

Walking promotes healing and the return of bowel function, improves your circulation, and helps prevent joint stiffness and blood clots. You may have some pain or discomfort around your incision or incisions for a few weeks after surgery. As you recover, your pain should gradually get better.

Can I drink coffee after bladder surgery?

Avoid caffeine (i.e. coffee, tea, colas) until bladder symptoms settle. Caffeine can make it difficult to regain urinary control. Avoid spicy and acidic foods - they may produce substances in your urine that irritate the healing area.

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