Question: Will shiny Zeraora come back?

No, Zeraora is no longer shiny locked. A shiny version of the Pokemon could be obtained through a promotional event in 2020 for players that both played Pokemon Sword and Shield and used Pokemon HOME.

Has anyone gotten their shiny Zeraora?

Because over one million trainers defeated Zeraora in Max Raid battles, we all get a shiny Zeraora. We did it everyone! Because over one million people defeated a Zeraora in Max Raid battles in Pokémon Sword and Shield, everyone can get a free shiny Zeraora.

Is shiny Zeraora guaranteed?

The Shiny Zeraora you receive will have five guaranteed max IVs, with its Defense already being 30. It will be level 100, with a Hasty nature and the moves Plasma Fists, Close Combat, Blaze Kick, and Outrage.

How do I get shiny Zeraora?

Zeraora has a chance of appearing in Max Raid Battles that are three stars or more. In five-star Max Raid Battles, theres a chance that an especially powerful Shiny Zeraora will appear!

Can Cosmog be shiny?

No. Cosmog is shiny locked in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and the only way to recieve it is by hacking.

Is there a mega Zeraora?

Pokemon 8807 Mega Zeraora Pokedex: Evolution, Moves, Location, Stats.

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