Question: How old is Nazuna in Fireworks?

While Nazuna might be fourteen, Fireworks renders her character in a manner such that she appears older than she is.

What happened to Norimichi in Fireworks?

While making his wishes, Norimichi reverts time with the orb. He then makes different choices, creating new timelines. When he makes the first and the second wishes, his concerns are still minor. After the orb shatters, everything reverts to the original timeline.

Is the anime Fireworks sad?

It is in fact not really about fireworks, but a science fiction story that is akin to the previous animation Your Name. The story is sad, especially when I hear Nazunas wailing cries, which are very depressing and spine chilling.

What is the story of Fireworks anime?

Norimichi and Yusuke are both infatuated with their classmate Nazuna. But when Nazuna decides to run away from home, its Norimichi she asks to join her. After their plans go awry, Norimichi discovers a magical ball that has the power to manipulate time and give them a second chance, but each reset brings new complications. Fireworks/Film synopsis

Which Anime is Uchiage Hanabi from?

Uchiage Hanabi (Japanese: 打上花火, official English is Fireworks) is a song by Daoko and Kenshi Yonezu released in August 2017. Uchiage Hanabi means launching fireworks. The song is used for the anime film Fireworks and the album Thank You Blue.

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