Question: How is machine translation done?

Machine translation (MT) is automated, meaning its the translation of text by a computer with no human involvement. It works by using computer software to translate text from one language (source language) to another language (target language).

What is machine translation how it works?

Machine translation is the task of automatically converting source text in one language to text in another language. In a machine translation task, the input already consists of a sequence of symbols in some language, and the computer program must convert this into a sequence of symbols in another language.

How is machine translation done in NLP?

Machine translation or MT translates one natural language into another language automatically. The best thing about machine translation is that it can translate large swatches of text in a very short time. Most of us were inaugurated to machine translation when google arose with the service.

How are machine translation systems implemented?

The basic approach involves linking the structure of the input sentence with the structure of the output sentence using a parser and an analyzer for the source language, a generator for the target language, and a transfer lexicon for the actual translation.

What are the steps in direct machine translation?

A transfer-based machine translation system involves three stages. The first stage makes analysis of the source text and converts it into abstract representations; the second stage converts those into equivalent target language-oriented representations; and the third generates the final target text.

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