Question: Is Aeon and Aeon BiG the same?

Aeon Big is a subsidiary of the Aeon Group. Aeon Co Ltd, the holding company for Aeon Group, purchased the shares of Magnificient Diagraph Sdn Bhd (Carrefour) in October 2012. Following the acquisition, Carrefours name was changed to Aeon Big.

Is AEON Big part of Aeon?

The Acquisition is part of the AEON Group plans to expand the business in South East Asia and further develop their Asean operations. Today, AEON BIG (M) SDN BHD currently operates 22 Hypermarkets under the trade name of “AEON BIG” in Malaysia. AEON BIG is bringing in BIG CHOICES, with GREAT VALUES.

Can Aeon voucher use in AEON Big?

Dear Kasman Kasim, kindly be informed that AEON Gift Voucher cannot be used at AEON Big. You can use it at AEON Retail, AEON Wellness & AEON Maxvalu.

Who owns Aeon?

Æon Group AEON/Parent organizations

Is JUSCO and Aeon the same?

The JUSCO name was adopted in 1970 from a company founded as a kimono silk trader in 1758. As of March 1, 2011, all JUSCO and SATY stores under the Aeon umbrella in Japan changed their names to AEON while all the JUSCO stores and shopping centres in Malaysia have been fully re-branded into AEON since March 2012.

Is Aeon from Japan?

ÆON Co., Ltd. (イオン株式会社, Ion kabushiki gaisha), commonly written AEON Co., Ltd., is a Japanese multinational holding company of ÆON Group. It has its headquarters in Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture. It operates all the AEON Retail Stores (formerly known as JUSCO supermarkets) directly in Japan.

How do you redeem Aeon points?

Follow these below steps: 1) Log in to your AEON credit card online account at 2) Click on the card name. 3) Click REDEEM under redeemable points balance. 4) OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. 5) Key in valid OTP number.

Why did Jusco change to Aeon?

According to a research report by OSK Research Sdn Bhd (OSK Research), AEON formerly known as Jaya Jusco Stores, was established since 1984 in response to the Malaysian governments invitation to modernise the retailing industry in Malaysia.

Which country has Aeon Mall?

Japan (M) BHD operates all the AEON Retail Stores directly in Malaysia. ÆON is the largest retailer in Asia....AEON (company)Headquarters of ÆON in Chiba, JapanFounded1758 (as Shinoharaya, later Okadaya) in YokkaichiHeadquartersChiba, JapanArea servedAsiaKey peopleMotoya Okada (岡田 元也 Okada Motoya), President15 more rows

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