Question: Which region is Sapporo in?

What type of region is Hokkaido?

Sakhalin lies about 43 kilometers (26 mi) to the north of Hokkaido, and to the east and northeast are the Kuril Islands, which are administered by Russia, though the four most southerly are claimed by Japan....Hokkaido.Hokkaido 北海道CountryJapanRegionHokkaidoIslandHokkaidoCapitalSapporo25 more rows

Where in Japan is Sapporo?

Hokkaido dō Sapporo, capital, Hokkaido dō (territory), Japan, on the Ishikari-gawa (Ishikari River).

Is Sapporo a big city?

1,121 km² Sapporo/Area

Is Sapporo a nice city?

Sapporo is a nice city; I lived in the city for several years. Sapporo is a modern history with the usual charms of larger regional cities in Japan, plus snow, and regional food (seafood, jingisukan barbecue, miso ramen, soup curry, Sapporo Classic Beer).

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