Question: How do you split up a house after a breakup?

What happens if you own a house with someone and you break up?

You can either follow the legal procedures that apply in your state—typically this means the court will order the property to be sold, and the net proceeds (after paying mortgages, liens, and costs of sale) to be divided—or you can reach your own compromise settlement.

How do you divide a house when a couple split up?

How is home equity divided in a divorce?Sell the house and split the proceeds.One ex-spouse keeps the home and refinances the mortgage to remove the other from the loan.Both former spouses keep the house temporarily.22 Nov 2017

Who gets house in break up?

Sole Ownership – If one person owns the house and their partner or significant other moves in with them, the sole owner typically gets to keep 100% of the house when they break up.

How do you sell house if partner doesnt want to?

How to sell a house when one partner refuses – joint tenantsRefuse a sale.Refuse a sale but make an order regulating the right to occupy the property.Order a sale.Order a sale but suspend the order for a short period.

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