Question: How tall is Wakko Warner?

How tall is the Animaniacs?

lot in Burbank, California. Built in 1927, it stands 133 feet (40.5 meters) tall.

What accent is Wakko?

He is also the only one of his siblings to speak with a non-American accent (his voice taking on a Liverpool dialect)....Wakko WarnerFirst EpisodeDe-Zanitized5 more rows

Whos the youngest Animaniac?

Dot Yakko (the oldest child) is a wise-cracking smart-aleck and usually acts as the leader of the trio; Wakko (the middle child) has a Liverpool accent, a huge appetite and a gag bag filled with tricks, and Dot (the youngest child) is cute and sassy.

What is DOTs real name?

Her full name is Princess Angelina Louisa Cantessa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the third; she also despises being referred to as Dottie, threatening anyone who does so with death. She wears a pink skirt with a yellow flower ribbon around her ears.

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