Question: What are the elements of a Japanese tea garden?

The Tea Garden established a number of elements such as lanterns, stepping stones, bamboo fences, and water basins which were an enormous influence on Japanese landscaping to follow, especially in the expansive Stroll Garden (Kayushiki) style built by the regional rulers (Daimyo) for their pleasure and as evidence of ...

What are the key elements of a Japanese garden?

Japanese gardens are characterized by: the waterfall, of which there are ten or more different arrangements; the spring and stream to which it gives rise; the lake; hills, built up from earth excavated from the basin for the lake; islands; bridges of many varieties; and the natural guardian stones.

What is a traditional Japanese tea garden?

Japanese garden, a traditional, often highly stylized, garden. Japanese tea ceremony, a Japanese cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation of green tea. Chashitsu, architectural spaces designed to be used for tea ceremony. Roji, the Japanese term for the garden through which one passes to the chashitsu.

Why is it called Japanese tea garden?

Koehler donated this land to the City in 1915 for a public park and its location immediately adjacent to the abandoned quarry posed a challenge for City Parks Commissioner, Ray Lambert. Lambert ultimately came up with the idea of a lily pond which eventually became the Japanese Tea Garden.

Is it free to get into the Japanese Tea Garden?

All visitors receiving food assistance (SNAP benefits) are offered free general admission. Free admission may be redeemed by presenting a valid EBT card upon entry. Full-priced admission to special exhibitions, events, and programs still applies.

Does the Japanese Tea Garden cost money?

The Japanese Tea Garden is open all year long, even on holidays. Admission to the Garden is $9 for adult non-residents, $6 for non-resident seniors and youths (age 12-17), and $3 for non-resident children (age 5-11). Children 4 and under may enter free.

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