Question: What percentage of junior golfers are girls?

Today 36 percent of junior golfers are girls. Thats up from 17 percent in 1995, according to the National Golf Foundation.

What percentage of golfers are female?

Golfers in the United States by gender 2018 According to a report from 2018, females represented 31 percent of beginner golfers in the United States in 2018, while the share for all golfers stood at 23 percent.

Are junior girls golf?

The United States Girls Junior Championship is one of the thirteen U.S. national golf championships organized by the United States Golf Association. It is open to amateur girls who are under 18 on the last day of the competition and have a USGA handicap index of 18.4 or less.

How many junior golfers are there in the United States?

2.9 million junior golfers There are about 2.9 million junior golfers in the U.S. and those in the 6-to-17 age group make up 12 percent of golfs total participation base.

What does an average 14 year old shot in golf?

Under 12 Years Old โ€“ 120 would be a good golf score (150 for beginners) 12 Years to 14 Years Old โ€“ 70s & 80s would be a good golf score (120 for beginners) 15 to 18 Years Old โ€“ under par and par golf are good golf scores (90-100 for beginners)

Is a 95 in golf good?

However, a good golf score for beginner golfers can be anything under 95-100 strokes.

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