Question: Does God hate Tohru?

Is Tohru the Zodiac God?

When Momiji tries to stop Akito from entering the beach house, Akito punches him until Tohru steps in to protect him. Akito tells her to stop interfering, warns her of Kyos coming confinement, and explains that Kureno Sohma, not herself, is the Rooster — for she is the God of the Zodiac and the ruler of their souls.

Is Akito scared of Tohru?

Despite holding utter hatred towards Tohru Honda for breaking apart her bonds with the Zodiacs, Akito comes to realize that by holding onto the bond, she has hurt herself as much as the others and lets it go with Tohrus efforts to break the curse.

Is Tohru the God in Fruits Basket?

Symbolically, Tohru fits the role of God in the original zodiac legend (which began the Sohma curse), but in the reverse of many aspects; especially since Akito is cursed by Gods spirit in the zodiac.

What did Akito do to Tohru?

5 She Cuts Tohrus Arm With A Knife At The End Of The Manga By the end of the series, Akito is so paranoid about losing the Zodiac members bonds that she begins to lose her grip on her sanity. As a last effort to stop Tohru once and for all, she runs from the Sohma estate to Shigures house.

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