Question: Why are road bike saddles so hard?

As you shift, your body is trying to press against something to help push the pedal down. This is where the firm saddle comes in. If your sit bones are cushioned by a thick layer of oh-so-soft-gel then you wont be able to pedal as effectively.

Why is a hard bike seat better?

Hard seats prevent the compression of nerves and stops chafing. They also do not absorb sweat and supports the lower back. Bike seats, also called saddles are known for being uncomfortable. But no one is making them any softer.

Why is my bike saddles so uncomfortable?

Saddle problems are of two different types: Discomfort as a result of pressure on the sitz bones. Of these cyclists with butt pain about 70% of the discomfort was due to pressure on the tissue on the sits bones. The over time the pressure could result in a sore similar to a bed sore.

Why are bike seats so small and hard?

Bicycle saddles are designed to allow you to pedal, not just to sit. They are small so that they dont get in the way of your pedalling and they are relatively hard so that they dont soak up your pedalling energy in bouncing up and down on padding instead of turning the pedals.

How can I make my road bike seat more comfortable?

0:204:30Top Hacks To Make Your Road Bike More Comfortable - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipWith it at the furthest point away so the crank is in line with a seat tube your hips shouldnt haveMoreWith it at the furthest point away so the crank is in line with a seat tube your hips shouldnt have to rock to reach the furthest point of the pedal. But your leg should be completely straight.

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