Question: What is the best day for a funeral?

If there are guests traveling to the funeral from afar, certain days of the week may be better than others. Monday, Friday and weekend funerals are usually best for those commuting in from out of town.

Are funerals ever on a Friday?

Usually, the funeral itself will occur Monday to Friday, either as a morning or midday service.

Why are funerals on Friday?

Funerals are quite draining so for most people holding it on a Friday does make it that little easier to cope with. Others have mentioned family members having to travel too, thats a factor.

Can you have a funeral on a Saturday?

Can you have a funeral on Saturday or Sunday? A funeral can be held any day of the week but its common for burial grounds and crematoria to charge extra for weekend services. With weekends being traditional days for other types of religious services, a minister may not be available for funerals on Saturday or Sunday.

Are funerals more expensive on weekends?

Youll pay to open and close the grave, and the cost will vary depending on the time and day. A burial between 9 am and 3 pm on weekdays is the cheapest. Burial after 3 pm could cost twice as much, and a weekend funeral could cost three times the weekday morning rate.

How long will a funeral home hold a body?

five days Storage of the body Normally, a body can be held by a person for no more than five days or by a funeral director for seven working days and it must be held in a certified holding facility. However, the Director General of the NSW Health can give conditional approval for storage in a private home.

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