Question: Why does Arya sleep with Gendry?

Given the after-the-episode segment and Maisie Williams post-script interview with EW, the sex scene with Gendry was meant to be Arya reclaiming her humanity in whatever way she could.

Does Arya fall in love with Gendry?

Gendry then kisses Arya, and tells her that Daenerys legitimized him and made him the new Lord of Storms End. He then kneels and confesses that to Arya that he loves her, wants to marry her, and have her become the Lady of Storms End.

Does Gendry marry Arya?

First he was legitimized by Daenerys Targaryen, becoming both a true born Baratheon and Lord of Storms End, and then Gendry asked Arya to marry him. Sadly though, Arya turned Gendrys proposal down on Game of Thrones and decided to stay true to herself. Its the lifestyle that shes refusing more than Gendry himself.

Who will Gendry marry?

Arya During Episode 4 of Game of Thrones, Gendry — fresh off his new title and land, a gift from Daenerys — decides he doesnt want to rule this little corner of Westeros alone and gets down on one knee and asks Arya to marry him.

Did the Hound kiss Sansa?

The UnKiss is the nickname given by fans of A Song of Ice and Fire for a kiss remembered by Sansa Stark between her and Sandor Clegane, but which did not actually happen. When asked about this discrepancy George R. R. Martin said this will eventually mean something and that Sansa is an unreliable narrator.

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