Question: Why did the father write letter to his son?

In this story, the father writes a letter to his son about how his son disappointed him by slipping from the first rank position to the second rank. As the son wanted a normal life and stated that the wisdom not only lies in the the studies but also in living life fully.

Why did Rahul write a letter to his father father Dear father?

(ii) Rahul writes this letter to his father to express his hurt and anguish. The letter was never meant to be posted to his father but was his method to deal with his hurt feeling.

What did Swamis father wrote in the letter?

Swamis father wrote to the headmaster as a challenge and sent his son Swami to school who was already late for school. He wanted to see whether Mr. Samuel beats his child or leaves him. He was also encouraged by his son when he said that the headmaster was also afraid of Mr.

Why father Cannot understand his son in father to son?

The father is unable to understand his son due to generation gap. It is a psychological and emotional gap between parents or elder people and the young ones. This creates misunderstanding and lack of attachment between the parents and children.

How do I write a letter to my son?

Relationship Building: Writing Letters to Your ChildPart One: “I love you.” Share with your child that you love him unconditionally. Part Two: “I praise you.” Let your child know how proud you are of him, his accomplishments, his unique talents and abilities. Part Three: “About our relationship…”

What kind of life did the writers grand father lead when he was a small boy in the lesson father Dear father?

Answer: The question is asked from the story Father, Dear Father. In this story, the writers grandfather lead a very carefree and happy life when he was a small boy. During his own childhood, the grandfather would place the fruits like guavas or mangoes from his orchard.

How did Swamis father react when Swami told him that he was not going to school?

Answer: Swami did not like going to school and to avoid it when he made excuses to his mother, he was lovingly told that he could stay back. But when Swamis father came inside the room and saw Swami lying on his mothers bench, he was very angry at Swami.

What do both father and son long for?

What do both father and son long for? Ans. They long for an excuse to forgive each other.

What is wrong between father and son?

Answer: The father-son relationship is actually non-functional. The father doesnt understand the aspirations, longings arid cravings of the son. They do not communicate with each other and behave like strangers.

How do I write a letter to estranged son?

You could write something like, “I understand youre dealing with a lot of pain right now, and I am so sorry that I have hurt you. When you are ready, I hope you would be willing to meet with me to talk about it. Please let me know when you are. I love and miss you.”

What in the writers opinion is wrong with his education What would he really like to learn father Dear father?

The question is asked from the story Father, Dear Father in which the writer replies to the letter of his father. According to the writer, wisdom comes as a result of studying hard and living a full life. He thinks that todays generation is just murmuring the lesson without even understanding which is very wrong.

Why did Swami think his father was cruel?

Answer: swami think his father was cruel because his father forced him sleep a night in the office alone.

Where did Swami sleep at night?

the office room Swami fulfilled his promise of sleeping alone at night in the office room. He was indeed forced by his father to sleep there in order to prove that he was a man. While sleeping, he remembered all the ghostly and devilish stories that he had heard from his friends and grandmother.

How did Swami convince his mother to let him stay at home?

Answer. Swami said to his mother that he couldnt go to school because of headache. Swami reassured his mother that there was no important lesson that day, except for mathematics in which the teacher beat them for the whole period. Hearing this she generously suggested that Im a stay at home.

Why did father say to Swami you deserve your Samuel?

You deserve your Samuel ----- why did Father say this to Swami ? Answer : Father said this to Swami because he knew that only a teacher like Samuel who was both strict and friendly could guide a mischievous and truant boy like Swami to the right path.

How does the father feel about the separation from his son?

He has no feeling of any relationship with his father. The father bitterly feels the pangs of this emotional separation. He wants the same kind of bond with his son as he had when the son was a little child. He is ready to forgive the child provided the latter fees sorry.

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