Question: What causes hair tourniquet syndrome?

Toe-tourniquet syndrome, also called Hair-thread tourniquet syndrome (HTTS), is a rare and commonly misdiagnosed condition caused by hair or fiberwrapped around digits (fingers and toes), penis, or even clitoris. It usually affects infant and children.

How does tourniquet syndrome happen?

Hair tourniquet syndrome likely occurs as an infants fingers/toes come into contact with hair or similar fiber in an enclosed covering of mittens/socks or a similar situation. As the infant moves their fingers back and forth, the hair progressively encircles the fingers.

How long does a hair tourniquet take to heal?

Both the thumb and the second finger were affected in one patient. The average duration of the symptoms (excessive crying, swelling, redness) was 1.5 (range: 1 to 2) days. All patients healed without any complications.

Is hair on feet normal?

Feet. According to Graf, its quite common to have some hair on the tops of your feet and toes. Typically, this is vellus hair, which is short, fine, and light and cant easily be seen, but sometimes (whether because of a hormonal problem or an inherited trait) a few strands will grow longer and darker.

Why you shouldnt use a tourniquet?

When applied for a longer time, tourniquets can cause permanent damage to muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. 4 Using the wrong materials: Inappropriate materials, such as a cord, can cut into the skin. Not only does this render the tourniquet ineffective it can also cause more pain or result in further injury.

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