Question: Does AmiAmi allow cancellations?

Cancellations can be done from your My Account page. Cancellations are accepted in the following cases: If you have placed an order for a pre-order item, then the item can be canceled up until the release date of the item.

How do I change my shipping on Amiami?

If you would like to change the shipping method or address for your order, please do so through the Modify Existing Orders section on your My Account page. For more detailed information, please check our Payment/Shipping page.

How do I cancel a pre order on AmiAmi?

If you wish to cancel an order or only some items from an order, then please access the cancellation page through Order Cancellation Request from your My Account page.

Can you combine orders on Amiami?

Items of an order can be split into separate orders or moved to a different order placed under the same account. We kindly ask and recommend customers to arrange their items the way they would like them to be shipped when placing their orders. ...

How do I use my AmiAmi points?

You can use your AmiAmi Points to pay for your orders. 1 AmiAmi Point can be used as 1 JPY (Japanese Yen). Customers can use their points when submitting payment for an order, from the payment screen. In case of orders shipped within Japan, AmiAmi Points can also be used when placing a new order.

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