Question: What is the default setting for printing comments in Excel?

None: Selecting this option means that you dont wish to print comments at all. This is the default option. At the end of Sheet: Selecting this option will print the comments. But the comments will not be linked with the cells, rather they will be printed on a separate sheet.

How do I print comments in Excel?

You can print notes the way they appear on the sheet.Select the worksheet that contains the notes that you want to print, then do one of the following: On the File menu, click Page Setup.Select the Sheet tab.In the Comments box, click As displayed on sheet (legacy). Click Print.

What is the default setting of print in MS Excel?

Choose Print Selection from the first Settings drop-down (Print Active Sheet is the default).

How do I change the default font for comments in Excel 2010?

How to change the default font size for Excel commentsRight click on the desktop and select Personalize.Select Display at the bottom left.Under Change only the text size, select the arrow and choose Tooltips. Change the font size to your choice.Select Apply to accept the changes.14 Sep 2016

Why are comments not showing in Excel?

1. Click File tab, and click Options. 2. In the Excel Options, click Advanced in the left panel, and then go to the Display section, in the group For cells with comments, show, check the No comments or indicators.

How do I change the default text size in Excel?

ExcelClick File > Options. (In Excel 2007, click. > Excel Options.)In the dialog box, click General. (In Excel 2007, click Popular.)Under When creating new workbooks, in the Font Size box, enter the font size you want. Or, you can type in any size you want, between 1 and 409, in multiples of .

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