Question: Why do you have to redo breast implants every 10 years?

Many women mistakenly believe that breast implants have to be replaced every 10 years. Although the average lifetime of a breast implant is 10-15 years, breast implants actually only need to be replaced if you have a problem such as rupture of the implant or capsular contracture.

Do all breast implants have to be replaced?

Most silicone and saline implants are FDA approved for 10-20 years, but this does not mean that you have to get them replaced every 10-20 years. You can safely go beyond these time frames, and most patients only have to have 1-2 replacements in their lifetime.

How many year do you have to redo implants on your body?

The average saline or silicone implants may last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. However, many are removed sooner due to complications or cosmetic concerns. Up to 20 percent of people have their implants removed or replaced within 8 to 10 years.

Can breast implants last longer than 10 years?

On average, todays implants are designed to last more than a decade, with the chance of rupture increasing by one percent each year. So, the older your implants are, the greater your risk of rupture or other complications. In many cases, breast implants can remain in good shape for 20 years or more.

Does sleeping on your stomach increase breast size?

Sleeping on your side or stomach. “However, its important to note that sleeping on your stomach—with your chest pressed against the mattress for hours—is tough on your breasts,” notes Dr. Miller. And lets not forget the effects of side sleeping as well, this can cause your breast ligaments to stretch over time.

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