Question: What does it mean when cats puff?

Why cats puff up their fur. Our cats fur is like a pressure gauge of their emotional moods. The higher it rises, the more pressure our cat is feeling. Fur puffing is a survival instinct designed to make our cat look bigger to whatever is threatening them.

What does it mean when a cat puffs at you?

A cats puffy tail is a way of communicating its various emotions, ranging from fear to aggression. This is known as piloerection (hair upright). Youll normally see a cat puffing its tail if it has been startled or if it grows frustrated while playing.

Why do cats fluff out their fur?

Fur puffing is one of several natural survival instincts that are designed specifically to ensure your kitty cat looks larger in-front of whatever is threatening them. Make no mistake whatsoever, your cat puffing their fur is a threat response!

Does cats fur puff up when they are cold?

Winter coats begin fluffing up in the fall, when the daylight begins to shorten. Even though indoor-only cats dont really need the extra insulation, they will still grow a winter coat if they are exposed to enough sunlight. That is because the thickening of the fur doesnt have to do with temperature at all.

Do cats puff their tails when happy?

Cats sometimes make their tails puffy when theyre feeling especially happy and playful. Its most often seen in kittens, but even older cats make the base of their tails look extra fluffy when theyre having fun. Cats also like to wiggle their puffy tails and pounce like predators when theyre playing.

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